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Bestselling Author, Michelle Moran Bestselling Author, Michelle Moran
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The Second Empress by Michelle Moran

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The Second Empress by Michelle Moran


One of the cannons used to defend Jhansi during the British invasion

One of the fields where Rani Lakshmi's female guards would have practiced

Inside the Rani's Durbar Hall

Overlooking the Panch Mahal. Time and war has destroyed its former glory, but once it was a beautiful palace

Overlooking the cit from the ramparts of Jhansi


On the left, a sari. On the right, a lehenga. Although lehengas don't appear in the book, they were worn during the time Rani Lakshmi was queen.


Here, my husband is wearing traditional Indian dress and I am in a lehenga for our wedding. Elaborate dress like this would have been a familiar sight in Rani Lakshmi's court.


A yellow sari. Saris make appearances throughout the novel, given how common they were and still are today throughout India.

Indian cloth is exquisite, with elaborate beadwork on bold, bright colors.

A necklace and earrings made of gold, rubies, and emeralds

A vanki, or arm bracelet, decorated with rubies. Behind it, the sort of bangles that are common throughout India.

A sarpech (or kulgi), meant to look like a peacock feather and worn on men's turbans


Brass plates and banana leaves.


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