Support for Book Clubs

If your reading group enjoys traveling back in time, then they will probably enjoy one of these novels. And if your group is looking for a few questions to jumpstart the meeting, why not check out these Reading Group Guides below?

In addition to these questions, if your discussion group chooses any of these novels, Michelle will speak with your group via a speakerphone chat! This is your opportunity to ask the author any question you want! Which characters in the novel are real? Which are fictional? How long did it take to research the novel, and will it be turned into a movie? Who does Michelle envision playing Nefertiti? What is it like to be an author? How do you become one?

How to Make a Request for a Chat with the Author

I’m very excited to be part of a Adventures By The Book, which pairs book clubs with authors from around the world. If your club would like to sign up (it’s free), you’ll be able to see my availability and book a discussion using your preferred platform, whether that’s Skype, Zoom, or something else. Readers often ask about my research process, and I’m happy to discuss research, writing, future books, or even books that never saw the light of day! Meeting with book clubs, whether virtually or in person, is one of the best parts about my job.