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The Frauenkirche was designed by Dresden architect Georg Bähr who lived between 1666 and 1738. He was one of the greatest masters of German Baroque style, and this church stands in testament to his gift.

The mural was originally painted on the outer wall of the Stable Courtyard of the Royal Palace in 1870 by the artist Wilhelm Walter. It survived the air raids of 1945 and depicts the 1000-year history of the house of Wettin. Originally scratched stucco, the wall was covered with over 25,000 porcelain tiles in 1906 to prevent any damage.

On the palace of Dresden the stone gate carvings are spectacular.

Looking up

This colossal mosaic entitled “The Procession of Princes” stretches
across Dresden’s city walls for 102 meters. Thirty-five princes, dukes,
margraves and kings are shown on horseback while soldiers accompany them.
Here, Konrad the Great, who ruled from 1127 to 1156, leads the procession.
The procession ends with Friedrich August III who ruled in 1904 and was
Saxony’s last king.

On the day I arrived in Dresden they were having a medieval fair! The streets are packed with vendors selling beer and kraut and schnitzels.

In 2006 Dresden celebrated its 800th anniversary as a city. These high school students are entertaining in the park.